Update: This bug has been fixed in version 1.1.1.  Please update to that version if you are experiencing this bug.  The workaround is still listed below in case anyone needs it.

There is a bug in the 1.1 version where sometimes the tutorial text is not displayed to certain users.  This bug is related to the flashing cloud save icon in the bottom right, and the only current workaround is to complete the tutorial (blindly), then enable cloud saving in order to get that icon to stop flashing.  After that, you can start a new game and complete the tutorial normally.  To complete this process, follow the workaround steps below, or you can view screenshots of each tutorial step here.


  1. Tap the green rectangle wherever you see it shown.
  2. There are about 10 taps you'll need to do, and then you'll arrive at step 2 of the brew menu, which looks like this: 

  3. Drag each job icon from the left side into one of the boxes below each employee, so it looks like this: 

  4. Tap the green rectangle about 8 more times, and then your team will begin brewing.

  5. After about 30 seconds of that, they'll finish and the tutorial will continue for about 10 more taps.
  6. Once the tutorial is completed, go to Menu > Options > and Enable the Cloud Saving option.  This will cloud save your game and get rid of the flashing cloud save icon.
  7. Finally, use Menu > Save & Exit to go to the main screen, and start a new game, where the tutorial will display properly.  You can delete your first game later if you like.

In the meantime, we're submitting a hot fix to Apple that fixes this issue.  Thanks for your patience!